#83 Mz Prizm II

#83 Mz Prizm II

🌈Push play now and let Mz Prizm's selections, from Lil Wayne to Lana Del Ray, transport you into a ridiculously eclectic, awesome world of memories and music! Music is a sound rainbow and YOU are a prism! 

Thank you for enjoying and sharing. Night Light Radio is recorded live on Best Frequencies Forever in San Francisco. Much love! β™‘ MzPrizm.com

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Track Listing

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  1. 0β€²28β€³In My Mind (feat. Ecca Vandal) by Alice Ivy, Ecca Vandal on In My Mind (feat. Ecca Vandal) (Last Gang Recs. Inc.)$ BUY

  2. 3β€²01β€³Acid Raindrops (Instrumental) by People Under The Stairs on Acid Raindrops$ BUY

  3. 9β€²01β€³L.U.V by Romare on Love Songs: Part Two (Ninja Tune)$ BUY

  4. 15β€²26β€³Caroline by Amine$ BUY

  5. 18β€²51β€³A New Beginning by Fantastic Negrito on Fantastic Negrito Deluxe EP (Blackball Universe u/l Cooking Vinyl Ltd)$ BUY

  6. 23β€²13β€³No Diggity by Nick Murphy / Chet Faker on Thinking In Textures (Downtown Records)$ BUY

  7. 26β€²00β€³Weapon Of Choice by Fatboy Slim on The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder (Skint Records)$ BUY

  8. 31β€²05β€³You Get by Cat Power on Wanderer (domino)$ BUY

  9. 33β€²27β€³Shouldn't Have Done That by Two Another on Another Tape (Another Label)$ BUY

  10. 37β€²32β€³Bad Street by Mr Twin Sister on Bad Street (Domino Recording Co)$ BUY

  11. 46β€²30β€³Straight Outta Vagina (feat. Desi Mo & Leikeli47) by Pussy Riot, Desi Mo, Leikeli47 on xxx (Big Deal / Nice Life / Federal Prison)$ BUY

  12. 50β€²13β€³Respect - 2005 Remaster by The Notorious B.I.G. on Ready to Die (The Remaster) (Bad Boy Records LLC)$ BUY

  13. 54β€²29β€³Rock the bells by Boys Noize on Mayday (Boys Noize)$ BUY

  14. 57β€²10β€³All Nite (Don't Stop) by Janet Jackson on Damita Jo (Black Doll Inc, Virgin)$ BUY

  15. 60β€²42β€³Body Language - Interpretation by Booka Shade on Movements (Kammermeier & Merziger Gbr)$ BUY

  16. 65β€²33β€³Now Is The Time Of Emotion by Prince Rama on Xtreme Now (Carpark Records)$ BUY

  17. 68β€²22β€³Love Can Be So Hard by Disclosure on Moonlight (Universal, Island)$ BUY

  18. 73β€²39β€³Light Up Or Leave Me Alone by Traffic on The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (Universal)$ BUY

  19. 78β€²15β€³Got To Give It Up (Part 1) by Marvin Gaye on Charlie's Angels - Music From the Motion Picture (SONY)$ BUY

  20. 82β€²48β€³Shooter - Album Version (Edited) by Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke on Tha Carter II (Cash Money Records, Universal)$ BUY

  21. 86β€²57β€³Wildcat by Ratatat on Classics (XL Recordings Inc)$ BUY

  22. 91β€²57β€³Doin' Time by Lana Del Ray on Norman Fucking Rockwell (Polydor)$ BUY

  23. 95β€²08β€³Swing Star, Pt. 1 by Todd Terje on It's Album Time (Olsen Records)$ BUY

  24. 99β€²15β€³Dice Of Life (The Battle) by Andre Nickatina on Conversation With A Devil (Fillmoe Coleman Records)$ BUY

  25. 102β€²57β€³Penitentiary Philosophy by Erykah Badu on Mama's Gun (Motown Records)$ BUY

  26. 107β€²44β€³Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve on Urban Hymns (Remastered 2016) (Virgin)$ BUY

  27. 113β€²32β€³Gin Nation - Original by Tiger & Woods on Through The Green (Running Back)$ BUY

84. Bhakti (LOVE) Fest

84. Bhakti (LOVE) Fest

82. Prince Rama

82. Prince Rama