76. Foxtrails - Michael Brenner

76. Foxtrails - Michael Brenner

πŸŒ…πŸŽΈMichael Brenner, guitarist / vocalist behind the psych-rock of Los-Angeles-based, 7-member band Foxtrails, joins Mz Prizm in the studio to share his freshly curated playlist -- including your first chance to hear their unreleased track Upper Five!

Foxtrails is working on their second LP to be released on Prizefight records, from which you can already hear the track Gemini, and they recently played at Lightning in a Bottle and other festivals. Check out their recent music video for Gemini, and follow Foxtrails on instagram!

Tune in now to Night Light Radio No.76, recorded live from BFF.fm studios, to enjoy Michael Brenner’s stories, songs and more, as well as his curated playlist!

Xx Mz Prizm πŸŒˆ

LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD HERE (hear the new track Upper Five @ ~0:30)

Track Listing

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  1. 1438β€²31β€³Easy by Tycho on Weather (Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune)$ BUY

  2. 5β€²29β€³Pink & Blue by Tycho, Saint Sinner on weather (mom+pop/ninja tune)$ BUY

  3. 12β€²00β€³Gemini by Foxtrails (Prizefight Records)$ BUY

  4. 16β€²18β€³North End by Foxtrails on Foxtrails (Prizefight Records)$ BUY

  5. 19β€²30β€³Floras by Foxtrails on Foxtrails (Prizefight Records)$ BUY

  6. 32β€²22β€³Upper Five by Foxtrails (Prizefight)$ BUY

  7. 44β€²56β€³The Other Song by Spirit on The Mercury Years (Island Def Jam)$ BUY

  8. 50β€²33β€³Last Train - Remastered Version by Allen Toussaint on The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings(Warner)$ BUY

  9. 55β€²41β€³Desert Raven by Jonathan Wilson on Gentle Spirit (Bella Union)$ BUY

  10. 63β€²07β€³When You're Gone by Bedouine on Bird Songs of a Killjoy (Spacebomb Records LLC)$ BUY

  11. 68β€²54β€³I'm This by Peter Cat Recordings on Bismillah (Panache)$ BUY

  12. 71β€²56β€³Old Graffiti by Bibio on Ribbons (Warp Records)$ BUY

  13. 76β€²32β€³Token by Panda Bear on Buoys$ BUY

  14. 90β€²30β€³For Marmish by Floating Points on Elaenia (Luaka Bop)$ BUY

  15. 95β€²26β€³Blue Bell by Golden Daze on Simpatico (Autumn Tone)$ BUY

  16. 102β€²31β€³Do You Love Her Now by Jai Paul on Do You Love Her Now$ BUY

  17. 107β€²04β€³Faith by Bon Iver$ BUY

  18. 115β€²23β€³Lucky Jewel by Foxtrails$ BUY

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