74. Eclectic Mix

74. Eclectic Mix

๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŒˆLive through the BFF.fm internet radio airwaves, Mz Prizm delivers you an eclectic selection of music for you to enjoy! Discover plenty of brand new tracks and more. See the full track list and artists below! 

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Thank you for listening, much love!!!

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Track Listing

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  1. 0โ€ฒ00โ€ณJapan by Tycho, Saint Sinner on Japan (Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune)$ BUY

  2. 10โ€ฒ24โ€ณEasy by Tycho on Easy (Mom+Pop/Ninja tune)$ BUY

  3. 13โ€ฒ00โ€ณMemory by Tom Misch on Memory (Beyond the Groove)$ BUY

  4. 18โ€ฒ36โ€ณSweep by Evan Clayburn on Everything Ephemeral (Evan Clayburn)$ BUY

  5. 22โ€ฒ07โ€ณWhere Do You Go by Claire George on Where Do You Go (Lazy Susan Records)$ BUY

  6. 25โ€ฒ51โ€ณRuins by Danielle Grubb on Ruins (Danielle Grubb Music)$ BUY

  7. 31โ€ฒ16โ€ณWith My Whole Heart by Sufjan Stevens on Love Yourself/ With My Whole Heart (Asthmatic Kitty)$ BUY

  8. 36โ€ฒ15โ€ณSuzan's Lunch by Lost Desert, Lee Burridge on Eye to Eye (Shanti Moscow Records)$ BUY

  9. 44โ€ฒ24โ€ณNothing by Baba Ali on Nothing (Baba Ali / Nomad Music)$ BUY

  10. 48โ€ฒ36โ€ณOld Graffiti by Bibio on Ribbons (Warp Records)$ BUY

  11. 52โ€ฒ11โ€ณGemini by Foxtrails on Gemini (Prize Fight Records)$ BUY

  12. 56โ€ฒ25โ€ณKabsa by Auntie Flo on Kabsa (Disco Halal)$ BUY

  13. 60โ€ฒ49โ€ณEssentially by Japanese Breakfast on Essentially (W Records under license from Dead Oceans)$ BUY

  14. 65โ€ฒ52โ€ณHome Beyond The Clouds by Folamour on The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP(Visit http://folamour.bandcamp.com)$ BUY

  15. 72โ€ฒ53โ€ณJet Black Heart by Young & Sick on Jet Black Heart (B3SCI / Neon Gold)$ BUY

  16. 76โ€ฒ37โ€ณPrettiest Virgin (radio edit) by Agar Agar on Prettiest Virgin (Cracki records)$ BUY

  17. 80โ€ฒ59โ€ณGoca Dรผnya by Altฤฑn Gรผn on On (Les Disques Bongo Joe)$ BUY

  18. 87โ€ฒ15โ€ณGold - Moon Boots Remix by Bondax, Moon Boots on Gold (Sony Music UK u/l Ultra Records LLC)$ BUY

  19. 92โ€ฒ18โ€ณY Ahora Que by Chico Mann, Captain Planet on Night Visions (Bastard Jazz Recordings)$ BUY

  20. 95โ€ฒ23โ€ณToumast Tincha by Tinariwen on Emaar (Deluxe) (Wedge SARL, u/l Anti, Inc.)$ BUY

  21. 100โ€ฒ19โ€ณNeeded by Lorine Chia on Needed (Lorine Chia)$ BUY

  22. 102โ€ฒ26โ€ณYou're Right by Danke on You're Right (Landladyland)$ BUY

  23. 107โ€ฒ49โ€ณHungboo - DJ-Kicks by Peggy Gou on DJ-Kicks EP (!K7 Music)$ BUY

  24. 111โ€ฒ22โ€ณLet Me Fantasize by Onra on Nobody Has To Know (All City Records)$ BUY

  25. 117โ€ฒ38โ€ณBorderline by Tame Impala on Borderline (Modular Recordings)$ BUY

75. Father of Bossa Nova

75. Father of Bossa Nova

73. More PRIDE

73. More PRIDE