66. Pachamama

66. Pachamama

🎢🌼🌎 Join me LIVE for the second time ever in BFF.fm studios for Earth Day!

Support these independent companies that are truly making a difference for our planet! Wildflower Boom (pollinator gardens, flowers, community events), Bathing Culture (biodegradable soap in a 'reincarnated' bottle), and Camp Felix (amazing face oil blends).

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thank you for listening! 🌈<3 xx mz prizm  

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Mz Prizm shares this show to help remind us that rainbowz are hiding everywhere all the time! Music is a sound rainbow and YOU are a prism.


Every week enjoy two hours of music with Mz Prizm from a kaleidoscope of themes as far and wide as womxn powerdiscoprideparty jamzeclecticjazzfunk + souletc. on San Francisco community radio station BFF.fm.

Track Listing

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  1. 1β€²45β€³Jardines by Chancha Via Circuito$ BUY

  2. 5β€²03β€³Bamboo by Harvey Sutherland on Brothers (Voyage Recordings)$ BUY

  3. 11β€²56β€³New World Shuffle by Nicola Conte, Gianluca Petrella$ BUY

  4. 18β€²40β€³Banyanyonyoba by Senyaka on single (Rush Hour)$ BUY

  5. 24β€²01β€³SIGNS (Detroit's Theme) by Tune-Yards on Sorry to Bother You: The Soundtrack(Interscope Records)$ BUY

  6. 26β€²31β€³Ultimate Pablo by Et Al on The Pineapple Plan$ BUY

  7. 32β€²32β€³Mother (earth) by Taimane$ BUY

  8. 36β€²59β€³Xica Xica by El Buho, Uji, Barrio Lindo on Balance (Wonderwheel Recordings)$ BUY

  9. 43β€²51β€³Vutuka by Lost Desert, Lee Burridge, Junior$ BUY

  10. 50β€²47β€³Natural Bliss by Soul Clap$ BUY

  11. 57β€²30β€³Hunnybee (Baltra Remix) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Jagjaguwar)$ BUY

  12. 65β€²44β€³Motivic Retrograde by Quantic$ BUY

  13. 69β€²19β€³Berlin Tropical by Kiik & Frik$ BUY

  14. 73β€²40β€³The Desert's Danger by Guadaloop$ BUY

  15. 74β€²56β€³Acualera del Rio by Pino Europeo$ BUY

  16. 79β€²11β€³Manana Tepotzlan by El Buho$ BUY

  17. 83β€²05β€³Savor the Sun by The Polish Ambassador & The Diplomatic Scandal on Land of the Lush(Jumpsuit)$ BUY

  18. 94β€²07β€³Fossil Forest by Tea Tree$ BUY

  19. 96β€²41β€³Como Noide by Chancha Via Circuito on Como Noide$ BUY

  20. 101β€²19β€³Woven Ancestry - Lusine Remix by Max Cooper$ BUY

  21. 106β€²05β€³Easy by Tycho$ BUY

  22. 112β€²48β€³Arecibo by Trippin Jaguar$ BUY

  23. 117β€²55β€³Warning Fails by Tiger & Woods$ BUY

67. We Are Made of Stars

67. We Are Made of Stars

65. Jenna Pascual

65. Jenna Pascual