65. Jenna Pascual

65. Jenna Pascual

๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒˆ Join me LIVE for the first time ever in BFF.fm studios, with special guest Jenna Pascual! She'll be sharing some of her favorite tunes and stories with us today! 

Catch her joy IRL thanks to her laughter yoga classes -- there's one 4/27 & 4/28 and you can connect with her for more! JennaPascual.com // @jennapascual

I met Jenna at a book launch for Radha Agrawal's recent release. I randomly gave her PrizmEyez, and we exchanged numbers, but oddly we already had each other's numbers -- even though we weren't facebook friends. And I looked in my contact tracker and there wasn't an earlier record of meeting her! Anyways, a few fire meditations, kirtan jams, yoga classes and sunrise dance parties later and here we are recording a live radio show together, and I couldn't be more delighted to be sharing this launch with you!

Enjoy this first foray into the world of live radio! I hope it's been as delightful for you as it was for us, and to see you in person for some good times soon!

๐ŸŒˆxx mz prizm  


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Mz Prizm shares this show to help remind us that rainbowz are hiding everywhere all the time! Music is a sound rainbow and YOU are a prism.


Every week enjoy two hours of music with Mz Prizm from a kaleidoscope of themes as far and wide as womxn powerdiscoprideparty jamzeclecticjazzfunk + souletc. on San Francisco community radio station BFF.fm.

Track Listing

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  1. 1โ€ฒ15โ€ณLet It Breathe by Rob Riccardo$ BUY

  2. 8โ€ฒ01โ€ณGanapati by Noelani Love on Lakshmi Lullabies (Noelani Love)$ BUY

  3. 11โ€ฒ54โ€ณFly (FKJ Remix) by June Marieezy on Fly The Remixes$ BUY

  4. 15โ€ฒ43โ€ณChill or Be Chilled feat Nitty Scott by The Polish Ambassador on Dreaming of an Old Tomorrow(Jumpsuit Records)$ BUY

  5. 22โ€ฒ01โ€ณCrickets by Drop City Yacht Club$ BUY

  6. 26โ€ฒ00โ€ณLove Again by Ta-ku, JMSN, Sango on Songs to Make Up to (Fool's Gold Records)$ BUY

  7. 30โ€ฒ13โ€ณLokah Samastah - Sean Dinsmore Remix by Sharon Gannon on Sharanam$ BUY

  8. 35โ€ฒ10โ€ณBOMO by Tatiana Manaois$ BUY

  9. 41โ€ฒ32โ€ณPush It Up by Marti Nikko & Dj Drez$ BUY

  10. 44โ€ฒ13โ€ณLive Warrior by Srikology$ BUY

  11. 47โ€ฒ43โ€ณSay Yes - Equanimous Remix by Mikey Pauker, Equanimous$ BUY

  12. 56โ€ฒ02โ€ณMother of my soul by shimshai$ BUY

  13. 62โ€ฒ05โ€ณYou Keep Me Waiting ft. Vic Mensa by Snoh Aalegra on FEELS (Artium Recordings)$ BUY

  14. 66โ€ฒ15โ€ณMake It Better (feat. Smokey Robinson) by Anderson .Paak on Ventura (Aftermath)$ BUY

  15. 75โ€ฒ21โ€ณCome Close by Common, Mary J Blige$ BUY

  16. 79โ€ฒ24โ€ณNakamarra feat q tip by haiatus kaiyote$ BUY

  17. 83โ€ฒ23โ€ณLove Letters to God by Nahko and Medicine for the People$ BUY

  18. 89โ€ฒ58โ€ณPostcards From Paradise by Himalayan Project$ BUY

  19. 97โ€ฒ20โ€ณFound You by Kasbo, Chelsea Cutler$ BUY

  20. 100โ€ฒ04โ€ณTelepathy by Jai Wolf,$ BUY

  21. 103โ€ฒ37โ€ณBeating Hearts by Paige, Nikki Era$ BUY

  22. 106โ€ฒ59โ€ณA Reminder (East Forest Remix) by Trevor Hall$ BUY

66. Pachamama

66. Pachamama

64. Blue Flower

64. Blue Flower